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Win / Loss Analysis Defined

Win / Loss Analysis is a forensic market research exercise that focuses on understanding how your prospective clients make buying decisions, and how they perceive your company’s offering and sales approach relative to the competition.  The process entails conducting in-depth telephone interviews with new clients or lost prospects. The goal is to glean actionable information, to synthesize it, and to enable you to facilitate continuous improvement across your organization.

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Win / Loss Analysis

Prospects share the complete truth with salespeople about why they lose a deal only 40 percent of the time. Therefore, in 60 percent of new business situations, salespeople do not have a complete and accurate understanding of why they lost.

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Growing Interest in Win / Loss Analysis

During the last 15 years, more and more companies that operate in sophisticated business to business market sectors have been initiating Win / Loss Research programs, whether by analyzing internal CRM data, attempting to conduct Win / Loss interviews internally, or by engaging outside firms like Anova Consulting Group. At present, Win / Loss Analysis remains a specialized area of market research and fewer than 30% percent of all companies have implemented formal programs.

Win / Loss Research is a valuable resource in both growth and mature markets, and for both start-up and established companies. Whether it is used to keep track of a rapidly evolving competitive landscape, to share best practices and improve sales performance metrics across a growing team, or to hone differentiation messaging and value proposition articulation in a maturing market, Win / Loss Analysis provides a critical external perspective to enable improved business performance. Win / Loss Research is a valuable resource in both growth and mature markets, and for both start-up and established companies.

Using the Results of Win / Loss Research

There are many likely consumers of Win / Loss Research within your organization, ranging from executive leadership to sales, sales enablement, sales ops, and sales training to product marketers, Customer Success / onboarding, pricing specialists, and competitive intelligence professionals. A well-designed and well-executed Win / Loss Analysis program can facilitate cross-functional collaboration and initiatives based on a consistent and unbiased data set. In addition to expertise in interpreting Win / Loss interview data, Anova Consulting Group also brings to bear a wealth of experience at helping organizations operationally succeed with their Win / Loss programs and fostering a culture that values feedback.