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Enterprise Software & Technology

Anova helps technology clients improve their sales performance and Customer Retention metrics by helping them understand where market demand is coming from, how customers are perceiving their products and go-to-market strategy, and how competitive dynamics are shaping the fast-moving market they compete in.

As more and more companies lean on software providers to aid in their digital transformation, it is critical for vendors to execute thorough needs assessments and clearly demonstrate to their prospects how the solution is aligned to the unique needs of the buyer. Anova’s Win / Loss interviews uncover:

  • If sales teams are executing on that consultative approach or not
  • How solutions engineers and demo specialists are performing in relation to competitor sales teams
  • Missing or uncompetitive functionality, as well as features that differentiate a company
  • How pricing and licensing models are perceived in terms of their transparency, complexity, and competitiveness

Software companies, large and small, established and new, rely on Anova’s Win / Loss Research for valuable insights. These organizations come from various sub-verticals: data management, eCommerce, CRM, construction management, data security, marketing automation, application management, and others.

To learn more about how Anova can help your software company expand its revenue and decrease its Customer Churn, reach out to us here.

“Since launching, Anova has been extremely timely in getting interviews into the pipeline and moving forward. The interviews are high quality and capture good competitive nuggets for us. We no longer have to speculate as to why we win or lose deals.”

Bill Dubois
Director, Industry Marketing