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Professional Services

In a world being consumed by technology, person to person relationships remain invaluable. Companies driven by high touch service and support rely on Anova to understand how effective they are at building and maintaining those relationships with their clients.

Anova has assisted clients from various business services industries:

  • Travel / hospitality
  • Call Center Outsourcing
  • Marketing and Advertising Agencies
  • Law Firms
  • Logistics

Win / Loss Interviews are an effective way for professional services companies to capture unbiased feedback about their ability to provide the support and outcomes that their clients rely on them for.

To learn how Anova’s Win / Loss Analysis and Customer Experience Analysis can help your organization build strong partnerships with your client base, contact us here.

“Anova provides us with instrumental and meaningful feedback. They take a consultative approach to help us understand the data and the best way to approach things. Anova takes the information they receive in the interviews and creates analysis and reports that help us create value internally. The service team is top-notch and makes great recommendations. They ask smart questions, are accommodating to my asks, and also provide us with useful best practices to make the program run smoothly.”

Brian Grulke
Senior Manager, Customer Experience & Business Insight