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Business Leaders

The value of Win / Loss Analysis increases the higher its results are utilized in an organization. CEOs and Heads of Business rely on Anova’s Win / Loss Research to facilitate their strategic thinking and decision making.

Benefits of Partnering with Anova for Business Leaders

The feedback and data from Anova’s win / loss programs help business leaders by:

  • Providing data you can trust: Relying on internal data from CRMs can be unreliable at best and misleading at worst. The Voice of the Customer insights uncovered in Anova’s Win / Loss interviews can be trusted because they are collected through independent interviewers who are unbiased and highly trained.
  • Covering a breadth of feedback areas: Very few data sources cover as many elements of your company. Anova’s Win / Loss interviews allow you to understand what your customers think of your sales, product offering, services, implementation, brand, price, value, competitive insights, and future challenges.
  • Increasing confidence and clarity in decision making: The unbiased, quality data collected through the Win / Loss interviews help to cut through the noise when determining what direction to take with the product roadmap, training for your team, or marketing initiatives.
  • De-risking investments: Having independently sourced data of what your customers think of your business mean you can validate your hypotheses and eliminate doubt when deciding where to allocate valuable resources.
  • Improving internal alignment: The companies that get the most value out of win / loss don’t rely on dashboard to deliver them results. They rely on conversations between people about what the feedback is saying and what it means for their business. Gathering your leaders from different parts of your business (e.g., sales, product, marketing, customer success) together and have them discuss what clients are saying and how to improve moving forward is one of the most valuable activities as it drives stronger understanding and alignment on the direction you are taking as a company.
  • Creating a culture of continuous improvement: Culture drives productivity, retention, and employee satisfaction. A strong culture can separate mediocre companies from unicorns. By instilling a consistent feedback loop into your company’s DNA, you are bolstering a growth mindset amongst your employees.