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About Us

Our Philosophy About Win / Loss Analysis and Customer Satisfaction Research

The Importance of Win / Loss Analysis

Win / Loss Analysis provides a competitive edge.  In its purest form, Win / Loss Analysis delivers the unfiltered voice of the customer to companies seeking learning, growth and success. It gives companies the self-awareness to understand what they are doing well, what they are not doing well, and what their competition is doing differently.

Without Win / Loss Analysis, companies are making decisions with incomplete information. Executives may think they know why a new sales situation was lost or why a long-time client left for the competition – but the truth is likely missing. Partnering with a third party brings the objectivity that enables clients and prospective clients to share the truth. Partnering with Anova brings feedback collected via a one-on-one debrief with a highly experienced executive interviewer who is professional, well-versed in the client situation, and given the freedom to probe for details as the conversation unfolds.

Some industries are maturing, and every new business and client retention opportunity is a dogfight. Other industries are rapidly evolving, with a constant stream of new competitors and disruptive innovations. Regardless of industry growth stage, Win / Loss Analysis delivers real-time feedback on sales effectiveness, product / service offerings, and Competitive Intelligence that organizations can use to differentiate their value proposition and earn a competitive advantage.

There are many consumers of Win / Loss Research within a company. In addition to meaningful data that benefits varied functions such as sales, product, marketing, pricing, and competitive intelligence, in many cases executive leadership teams value Win / Loss Analysis as a means of facilitating cross-functional cooperation, with all parties collaborating to address an independently sourced data set.

Finally, Win / Loss Research is a virtuous cycle. When the debrief step becomes embedded in an organization’s sales process DNA, Win / Loss Analysis becomes a key lens through which to measure the effectiveness of an organization’s go-to-market initiatives. The voice of the prospect, captured in Win / Loss interviews, can provide a clear signal on how the market is perceiving your organization, providing confidence to bolster successful initiatives and enabling rapid course corrections when needed.