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Win Loss Analysis is critical for healthcare companies competing in everchanging and complex marketplaces. Anova helps healthcare providers cut through the noise and better understand the real drivers for revenue for their organizations. The Win / Loss Analysis and Customer Churn Analysis programs that Anova runs for healthcare companies include in-depth interviews examining the root cause of why clients select one provider over another, reporting that aggregates interviews together and pinpoints insights into why our clients are winning and losing as well as comparing them to our proprietary Healthcare Benchmark, and access to our myView dashboard which provides updates critical to healthcare companies who need to be apprised of feedback from their customers in real-time.

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“Anova came to our headquarters and presented a thorough report to our senior management team. The next day they did a 30-minute presentation to our sales group. They really knocked it out of the park with both presentations. We have a handful of takeaways that we are working on right away, and others that will be longer term. Senior management was ecstatic with the deliverables being completed in a timely manner and the insights that came with it.”

Jennifer Harding
Director, Business Development
Envision Physician Services