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A Full Suite of Voice of the Customer Research Solutions

Strategic Intelligence Across the Entire Client Lifecycle

You need to know what your prospects and clients are thinking at every stage of the sales and customer service process, and Anova Consulting Group has the experience and know-how to provide your organization with the actionable feedback you need to improve your sales performance metrics and Customer Satisfaction / Retention levels.

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Win / Loss Analysis

Prospects share the complete truth with salespeople about why they lose a deal only 40 percent of the time. Therefore, in 60 percent of new business situations, salespeople do not have a complete and accurate understanding of why they lost.

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Win Loss Book

Win / Loss Analysis

Strategic insights to improve sales performance metrics
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Customer Churn Analysis

Learn why your clients leave, and how to prevent it.
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Customer Experience Analysis

Assess the quality of your on-boarding process and client experience to identify at-risk accounts in time to save them.
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Client Technology

Access valuable insights from your research programs via the myView dashboard.
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