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About Us

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Win / Loss Programs Are Not Just About Collecting Data

Anova believes in the power of listening. When captured in a strategic and unbiased manner, the voice of the customer is an extremely valuable resource. Companies that conduct Win / Loss interviews are better positioned to address client needs, improve sales performance metrics, and adapt to evolving competitive landscapes.

Anova believes in continuous improvement and fostering a culture of feedback, both internally and with our clients. By taking the initiative to seek feedback and having the courage to accept it and act upon it, everyone in an organization — from the CEO to an individual sales rep or product marketing manager – can refine their processes and behaviors in order to succeed more.

Anova believes in coordinating real-time data with a person-to-person connection. A Win / Loss Analysis program that captures client perceptions is an inherently subjective and largely qualitative exercise, and a stream of data without context can be distracting and at times misleading. In Anova’s experience, the most effective way to drive meaningful action from Win / Loss Research is to integrate a real-time, dynamic online dashboard with a dedicated team of experts who specialize in identifying and interpreting trends, leveraging experience and benchmarks to offer an independent perspective on the key reasons why a company is winning and losing.