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About Us

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Helping Clients Win More Business for Over 15 Years

Bringing an Innovative, Consultative Approach to Win / Loss Analysis

Insights held by prospects and clients only have value if you know how to access and use them.

Anova Consulting Group uses our independence, experience, and operational excellence to capture and interpret the Voice of the Customer in Win / Loss interviews. And once we’ve captured the feedback, our engagement teams employ a highly consultative approach to help our clients put the feedback in context and make it actionable. Anova strives to help clients create and maintain a culture that embraces (rather than avoids) feedback and views it as a tool to drive improved business results (and not a witch-hunt).

We wrote the book on
Win / Loss Analysis

Prospects share the complete truth with salespeople about why they lose a deal only 40 percent of the time. Therefore, in 60 percent of new business situations, salespeople do not have a complete and accurate understanding of why they lost.

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