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Financial Services

At the core of relationships between financial services providers and their clients is trust. Retirement recordkeepers, insurance providers, asset managers, wealth managers, and financial advisory firms need to build and maintain high levels of trust with their constituents. More and more financial services providers have realized that in-depth telephone conversations are the best way to capture the true satisfaction and loyalty of their customer base, not through web surveys. Anova’s Win / Loss interviews provide the critical detailed feedback that organizations need in order to determine if they are exceeding, meeting, or falling short of client expectations in areas such as:

  • Client service / support
  • Investment approach, options, and performance
  • Technology that enables greater client experience
  • Greater outcomes for employees

To capture rich details of client satisfaction in these areas requires interviewers who know how to talk the talk. Many of Anova’s interviewers have decades of institutional financial services management experience, as well as years of Win / Loss interview experience in the financial services industry.

To learn how Anova’s Win / Loss Analysis and Customer Experience Analysis can help your organization build high levels of trust with your client base, contact us here.

“Anova’s research makes me a better leader. We incorporate their research and insights into our decision making process and have tailored elements of our internal training based on the valuable feedback we received as a result of the work they do for us. The team at Anova doesn’t just hand us a book of results and walk away – they partner with us to ensure we have an understanding of the data, the context in which feedback is provided and then they consult with us on ways to improve. Anova’s research has become part of our sales and service culture and our team relies on them as part of our drive for continuous improvement.”

Patrick Murphy
John Hancock