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Intermediary Perception Analysis

Anova Consulting Group’s Intermediary Perception Analysis program is designed to help you increase the win rate of new business opportunities sold through intermediaries (brokers, consultants, channel partners, VARS, etc.) by improving your understanding of how these key influencers view your company. This customized program will allow you to:

  • Pinpoint your company’s strengths and weaknesses (as viewed by intermediaries) to fine-tune your product development, sales, marketing, pricing and positioning strategies
  • Benchmark your company against top competitors
  • Prioritize product development, technology and staffing resource initiatives to produce the greatest short and long-term ROI
  • Identify individual intermediaries who have less than excellent perceptions of your company and assist you in developing action plans for improving your relationships with them
  • Obtain qualitative and quantitative feedback on your company’s sales team

Anova is 100% focused on helping organizations compete more effectively. In an increasingly aggressive sales environment, Anova’s programs provide a critical pipeline of direct feedback from our key prospects, and advisors. Their research and expertise give us the actionable data and insights we need to drive strategic decisions, differentiate John Hancock from the competition, and ultimately win more business.

Arthur Creel
Executive Vice President
John Hancock Retirement Plan Services