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Win Loss Sales Training

Knowing why your sales team wins or loses business is important, but collecting and making that information actionable can be a challenge unless the work is undertaken in a disciplined and systematic fashion.

Anova Consulting Group’s Win / Loss sales training program will teach your salespeople and intermediaries (brokers, consultants and wholesalers, etc.) a three-step process for collecting useful strategic information so they can make the tactical adjustments that will allow them to win more business.

The program will help your sales team and intermediaries:

  • Learn why former prospects often are not candid about their reasons for choosing to work with competitors
  • Develop comfortable and non-threatening approaches for questioning new clients and former prospects so they provide more honest and direct feedback (both during the sales process and post decision)
  • Benchmark sales results against the five most common reasons for lost sales
  • Learn how to use debriefing feedback to adjust marketing, sales, product development and client service strategies