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Anova’s Commitment: We’ve Got Your Back

Here we are together in a new reality. Now is a time more than ever where we will need to lean on each other. Anova has proudly been helping companies connect thoughtfully and strategically with their prospects, clients, and internal teams for over 16 years now, and in these trying times I and all my teammates at Anova want the readers of this letter to know: we’ve got your back.

Here’s how:

The Real-time Value of Prospect and Client Feedback Research

Anova is here for you. Just in the last few days Anova has had companies reach out to us expressing an increased need to have strategic touchpoints with their own customers. Now, more than ever, win / loss and client satisfaction research are critically valuable for B2B companies.

  • Adjusting sales and client engagement processes: Sales and Account Management teams that are used to being on-site and meeting face-to-face are now forced to refine their processes to sell and service virtually. Anova is already partnering with clients to help organizations train its sales team about best practices for delivering finals presentations virtually. Sales and Relationship Management leaders need to know how their teams are performing via phone and video chat, and getting independent feedback from prospects and clients is a fundamental part of knowing where to train the team so they can make the most of their new realities.
  • Securing sales and renewable revenue: The disruption to the global economy from COVID-19 is going to be profound. Securing new sales and renewable revenue continues to be top of mind for many organizations. And gaining the intelligence needed to win one more incremental deal or retain one additional client is more important than ever.
  • Connectivity: Anova engages with your prospects and clients to conduct enriching, in-depth phone conversations – person to person. With more and more people isolated and working from home, staying connected is vital.

Anova is Your Expert

We are experts. Across the market research industry, specifically win / loss providers, the most fundamental differentiator is the quality of a company’s output and service. Companies need to choose a research partner they can rely on to provide them with the best results, and with the ever-changing environment, Anova is best equipped to rise to the occasion:

  • Leadership and team expertise: I am proud to say that our team at Anova has the expertise and stability it will take to navigate this new reality. Many of us have been working together doing win / loss and client satisfaction research for over 25 years, which includes helping our clients with their research needs through catastrophes such as the 9/11 attacks and 2008 Financial Crisis (just to name two). Our teams’ business acumen and tenure in the space is unmatched. Collectively, we have over 600 years of business experience. This experience matters now more than ever. You can lean on Anova to be your expert, and you can trust that we will be there for you when you need us.
  • Technology: Anova has been and continues to offer 24/7 online access for its clients and entire employee base through our proprietary, cloud-based technology systems. Over the past few years we have invested significantly to ensure our clients can enjoy access to their program data through their myView portal, and all our employees have access to our interview management and reporting system, Viewpoint. These investments have led to strong business continuity, and the security to know we will continue to operate, no matter where our teammates are working from.
  • Flexibility to respond and customize solutions: Longevity and stability do not equate to rigidness. Anova prides itself on being nimble and flexible enough to craft custom solutions for our clients, especially when our clients’ businesses evolve. This allows us to respond – not react – to your needs as they present themselves today and in the future.
  • Consultative approach: I know each of our clients and prospects are consumed during these hard times. Anova identifies as a consultancy, not just a market research firm or software vendor. We have always put our clients first. Staying close to our clients and seeing how each is impacted in different ways allows us to learn and elevate our own game, resulting in new ideas and best practices to share with others.

We care. A lot. All of us are in this together and I truly believe each of us has a role to play in helping to overcome these obstacles that are facing us. You can rely on Anova to do our part and be the best partners possible for your organization. We can all survive and thrive together.


Best wishes,

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Richard Schroder

President, Anova Consulting Group