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Selling and Servicing in Uncertain Times

B2B company leaders are facing unprecedented challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. From remote work to economic impacts, organizations are working in real time to alter their approaches to sales and client service.

As a firm that specializes in sales effectiveness and client retention research, Anova Consulting Group has witnessed a variety of sales and service-related strategies being adopted.

Click to download the following reports which outline the steps that B2B companies are taking and best practices they have identified in their sales and client service approaches during COVID-19.

Also be sure to come back as we publish more insights throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


B2B Selling During COVID-19

Though 80% of B2B companies have not yet adjusted their sales forecasts for 2020, sales teams have had to adjust their go-to-market approaches and sales motions because of COVID-19.

This report details the five key alterations sales teams have made: implementing training for how to sell virtually, managing a decrease in the volume of opportunities, focusing on longer-term prospecting, narrowing the focus of what is being sold or who is being sold to, and offering promotions.

Click here to download the report to learn about how companies are implementing these changes.


Client Engagement during COVID-19

There are three main characteristics that describe how B2B companies have changed their engagement strategies with both existing clients and new business prospects during COVID-19: emphasizing empathy, strengthening thought leadership, and maintaining a presence.

This report details best practices for how organizations are adapting their client engagement strategies to emphasize these three critical areas.

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Organizational Mindsets during COVID-19

In terms of how companies are being impacted by COVID-19 there is a spectrum ranging from those needing to make dramatic changes in their strategy in order to survive, to those who find themselves on offense and are trying to keep up with demand. Then there is somewhere in-between, where companies who have stabilized for the short-term but are uncertain what the future holds find themselves.

This report details what the different mindsets organizations have taken during COVID-19 are and what is keeping business leaders up at night when they think about the pandemic’s impact.

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