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Our Win Loss Analysis and Customer Satisfaction Research Speaking Engagements

Anova Consulting Group executives are available to speak to your group or organization (or your advisors) on a variety of topics.  Here are three descriptions of presentations and lectures we have delivered in the past to senior marketing, sales and client management executives.

Presentation Topics

“Building a Better Sales and Service Model”

What is the difference between a good sales and service model and a great one? How can your company improve its sales effectiveness and client retention?  Based on more than 12 years of research, and more than ten thousand interviews with prospects and sales intermediaries, Richard Schroder reveals industry trends and competitive insights pertaining to two different levels of salesmanship and client service.  During this hour-long presentation, he shares proven techniques that can help your sales team increase its new business win rate by transitioning away from “baseline selling” to more sophisticated salesmanship – or “Sales 201.”  He also explores how the best providers move from baseline client service levels to become best in class in client retention.  By the end of the session, your company will have a roadmap for attracting, securing and keeping more clients and customers. 

“From a Good Sales Call to a GREAT Sales Call”

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of closing a sale.  Whether it’s a large sale or a small one, good salespeople celebrate their success and work to understand why they won so they can replicate their strategies and approaches.  However, as important as that discipline can be, there is actually much more to be learned from losing new business.  Unfortunately, very few salespeople learn from the mistakes they and their organizations make because they don’t ask the right questions to gather accurate and meaningful information.  Furthermore, even when they do, they usually don’t get straight answers from prospects who have chosen competitors.  In fact, according to proprietary sales research data, former clients and prospects tell the truth in such situations less than half of the time.  Based on thousands of interviews with executive-level decision makers at firms that procure financial and investment management services, software and technology services and human capital services from vendors like your company, this hour-long discussion teaches your salespeople and advisors the three steps they need to follow to gather more candid feedback from former prospects so they can focus on continuous improvement and winning more business.

“Building a Better RFP Response and Sales Process”

What is the difference between a good RFP response and a great one?  How can your company improve its sales effectiveness?  Based on over 12 years of research and thousands of interviews conducted with senior level decision makers, Richard Schroder discusses trends and insights pertaining to two different levels of salesmanship.  During this hour-long presentation, he shares proven techniques for improving your RFP responses.  The session provides advice on how to collect and make use of unbiased and accurate feedback (from prospects) that will help you to improve your RFP responses and overall sales process.