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Anova Win Loss Analysis Book

Anova Consulting Group Wrote the Book on Win Loss Analysis

In 2011, McGraw-Hill Publishing introduced “From a Good Sales Call to a Great Sales Call” by Anova Consulting Group’s founder and president, Richard M. Schroder. The book is available internationally and at a book store near you and through Click here to order on Amazon »


This is an incredibly insightful book that shows you special strategies to make more effective presentations and actually make more sales – faster and easier.”
Brian Tracy, Bestselling Author
The Psychology of Selling

“Once in a very long while, a book comes along that has the potential of changing the way people think about sales. Richard has written such a book. By examining why we lose the sale, he is able to show ways to win the deal. This is revolutionary, and a must read.”
Stephan Schiffman, Bestselling Author
Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work)

“The old adage: plan, do, review, has been taken to its ultimate level by Richard Schroder in ”From a Good Sales Call to a Great Sales Call”.  By discovering the customer’s motives for buying, or not buying, after the decision has been made you will not only adjust your sales presentation, you will adjust your results.  Buy it today, bank it tomorrow.”
Jeffrey Gitomer, Bestselling Author
The Little Red Book of Selling

“How can a sales person win more business? Richards book answers this question:  By learning from lost sales. He delivers practical tools in a “how to” approach that will motivate and teach any sales person to become a rainmaker.  His concept is ground-breaking and empowering.-.a must read for any sales executive or sales person.”
Jeffrey Fox, Bestselling Author
How To Become a Rainmaker

“Very rarely is there anything “new” in the field of sales training, but Richard has captured something truly unique and innovative.  This book is an absolute must for every sales manager and every sales person who wants to stay on the cutting edge of influence. Richard clearly establishes himself as the “Thought Leader” in sales training with this book.”
Peter Montoya, Author
The Brand Called You

Win / Loss analysis book

Front and Back cover of the Win Loss Analysis book by Richard M. Schroder of the Anova Consulting Group, available from Amazon