Anova Unveils myView Client Dashboard

Anova Unveils myView Client Dashboard

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Anova Unveils myView Client Dashboard

Brookline, MASS. March 7, 2017 – Anova Consulting Group, a leading provider of Win Loss Analysis and Win Loss Research, client retention analysis to industry leading financial services, technology, and healthcare companies announced myView, a client dashboard powered by the firm’s proprietary software, Viewpoint.

myView is an innovative, client-facing portal that delivers real-time analytics, updates, and program management. The cloud-based platform allows Anova’s clients to track key statistics from their research programs and easily find and search through completed interview transcripts.

Andrew Cloutier, Partner at Anova, says, “One of our key initiatives in 2017 was enhancing our technology to improve our client experience. We knew we wanted to give our clients unparalleled access to their data and analytics. To deliver this, building out Viewpoint, our bedrock technology, was critical. We are thrilled that myView now allows our clients to sit in the driver’s seat and see what’s most important to them in the moment it means the most.”

The tools and analytics now available in myView complement Anova’s full reporting suite. Clients can leverage their programs’ completed in-depth transcripts both individually and in aggregate like never before. Access to program results 24/7 will help clients run their win / loss programs more seamlessly and efficiently, resulting in more competitive sales capabilities and increased win rates. myView also opens the door to the on-going project management of Anova’s research programs, putting the client and Anova’s service team on the same page.

“We are truly excited about the launch of myView. Our team has been working tirelessly on developing this technology for our clients. Now our customers have the flexibility to access, manage, and act on their data 24/7.  We are committed to helping our clients win more business, and we see myView as a natural extension of that commitment. Our clients come first to us. We know myView will give our clients the support, flexibility, and data that is most relevant to them anytime it’s called on.” adds Rich Schroder, Founder and President of Anova.

Anova is actively meeting with its customers to demonstrate myView and teach clients about its comprehensive capabilities.


About Anova Consulting Group, LLC

Established in 2005, Anova Consulting Group is a leading market research and consulting firm focused on Win Loss Analysis and client retention analysis. By helping its clients understand why they win, lose, and retain business, Anova provides strategic perspectives driving better decision making, product development, sales effectiveness, client service, and continuous improvement. Richard Schroder, Founder and President of Anova, is author of a Win Loss Analysis book titled From a Good Sales Call to a Great Sales Call (McGraw-Hill), which details how learning from post-sale debriefing helps close more future sales.