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Case Study – Win / Loss Analysis:

When Winning or Losing Comes Down to Presentation

Anova Client

Large, Institutional Financial Services Provider

The Situation

Anova’s client had a strong and highly recognizable brand but was experiencing a declining sales win rate.  The firm was receiving informal feedback that it was losing in new business situations because its sales efforts were lacking compared to those of its primary competitors.  Senior management wanted to establish the legitimacy of this feedback and understand the true depth and contour of any associated sales process problems so it could make the necessary adjustments.

The Response

Though the company had never employed outside analytics to its sales efforts. Anova was engaged to implement a highly focused “Win / Loss Analysis” program, with the mandate to conduct sales process debriefs both with institutional investors that had recently become clients of the company as well as former prospects that had not.  Among the most valuable information that these interviews yielded involved the company’s approach to sales presentations.  Clients and former prospects both reported that the company’s sales presentations were unimpressive compared to the competition, and that the presentations were not adequately customized to address prospects’ specific needs and interests.  They also said that the company’s sales teams appeared inexperienced, lacked cohesion, and that the wrong mix of personnel was often being sent to participate in presentations.

The Results

The company utilized Anova’s “Win / Loss Analysis” program to re-vamp its sales training and to re-engineer its approach to sales presentations.  The interview transcripts were used as an ongoing feedback mechanism and coaching tool for sales personnel.  Additionally, the company changed how it structured and prepared presentation content by formalizing an internal review process, which included “dry runs” with senior executives, who offered critiques and advice to the company’s sales staff on presentation style, flow and how to respond to tough questions by prospects.  Competitive intelligence gained from the program helped the company train its sales force on how to position, package and promote the firm’s capabilities and value proposition against top competitors.  Within two years, the frequency with which the company’s sales team and sales approach were identified as a major factor in lost business fell by more than 30 percent.