Anova’s Values Blog Series – Craftsmanship: Antonio Lopez Garcia

Anova Consulting believes that one of the keys to success lies in the ability to adapt and learn from the challenges we face. These shared beliefs, essentially our corporate ethos, are values we strive to put into action every day. This is the fifth in a series of blogs that explore Anova’s values through the lens of people we feel embody them.

Craftsmanship refers to quality. It relates to workmanship. And it refers to the pursuit of excellence in execution. Antonio Lopez Garcia, a distinguished and respected Spanish painter, embodies the concept of craftsmanship through his total commitment to perfection.

Born in Tomelloso, Spain, in 1936, Lopez Garcia is widely regarded as a master of realism. He is best known for producing beautifully detailed paintings that capture the essence of everyday Spanish life, from the moody streets of Madrid to the evocative landscapes of his hometown.

A description of his work in an exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston explains Lopez Garcia’s uncanny attention to detail:  “Garcia will put aside a canvas until the light of a particular time of year returns. These long separations from his projects and the inevitable revisions that come from new observations require even more time. Such uncompromising devotion has made his artistic process the stuff of legend.”

In his painting “Gran Via,” for example, Lopez Garcia employs a technique known as hyperrealism, which involves the rendering of objects to create the illusion of reality. The result is an extraordinary portrayal of an eerily empty Madrid street scene. The painting painstakingly records every detail, from the reflections in the windows to the subtle variations in color and light. Interestingly, the painting is dated 1974-1981, as he would only work on it early Sunday mornings when the city’s streets were empty.

Craftsmanship as a concept sets not only the best artists apart from their competitors but the best companies as well. By striving for perfection in their craft, great companies create an organic culture of excellence that permeates every aspect of their business, from product development and customer service to communication. At Anova, we are committed to craftsmanship and feel this type of approach and this attention to detail gives us the best chance to meet our client’s objectives and achieve success of our own.