Free Win Loss Webinar

Win / Loss analysis webinar“The best things in life are free.” Do you think this famous American proverb was talking about webinars? Surely, not, but we are!

Webinars are awesome. When done right, they are 1) free, 2) educational and 3) entertaining. What’s not to love?

Anova is kicking off a series of webinars that begins next month. We believe so much in the value of Win Loss Research that we want to educate anyone who wants to listen.

Maybe you’ve heard of Win Loss but really have no idea what it is or how it works. Maybe you’ve been asked to look into Win Loss or competitive intelligence research and don’t know where to start. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to implement Win / Loss internally at your organization and need a way to start that conversation in your own office. If you are nodding your head at any of these, come join us!

Our upcoming webinar is free education specifically designed for you. The founder and CEO of Anova, Rich Schroder, will teach you about the key principles – the ABC’s if you will – about Win Loss analysis & research in an interactive session. You’ll learn how this type of research will help you:

  • Recognize areas for improvement within the key phases of the sales process
  • Improve the effectiveness of your sales team and their presentations by gathering insights that help you better package, position, differentiate and deliver your message
  • Increase your understanding of your competitors
  • Identify the key drivers for winning new business
  • And more….

Join us! You can click here to register and learn how Win / Loss analysis will help you win more business!