Professional Resolutions: Is 2018 Your Year?

Win Loss ImageThe beginning of a new year invites us all to think about everything we accomplished over the previous twelve months, and more importantly, all the goals we want to achieve in the new year.

What does your vision for 2018 look like? We all know gym memberships and personal finance milestones typically spring to mind, but what about your professional goals?

Are you looking to increase your win rate in sales situations? Train the next generation of salespeople? Improve client retention and loyalty? What about impacting your organization’s top and bottom lines in a meaningful way?

There will always be personal trainers waiting at the gym for you, or financial advisors willing to help you meet your personal resolutions, but do you have the right partner to help with those professional goals?

Many companies look to outside help from professional services companies to accomplish their goals. There are several third-party research offerings that provide the necessary feedback and training to unlock the data and insights needed for change and growth in 2018.

Consider these professional training tools:

Win Loss Image

  • Win / Loss: focuses on de-constructing how your company markets and sells your products and services from the prospect’s perspective, improving your sales effectiveness.
  • Post Implementation: identifies any challenges your new clients face when bringing their business to your company.
  • Client Satisfaction: produces unbiased and unfiltered feedback from your clients and customers, enabling you to assess the quality of those experiences and the likelihood that your clients and customers will continue to do business with you.
  • Departed Client: helps you identify the real, and sometimes unexpected, reasons your clients leave.
  • Intermediary Perception: helps you increase the win rate of new business opportunities sold through intermediaries (brokers, consultants, channel partners, VARS, etc.) by improving your understanding of how these key influencers view your company.

Research has shown over 90% of people don’t achieve their personal New Year’s resolutions. No one will blame you if that gym membership goes unused or you stop appointments with your financial advisor. However, when you are trying to take the next step in your professional development, and participate in the growth of your organization, it makes a lot of sense to leverage the above tools to help you achieve your goals. Think of them as your professional trainer for 2018.