After the Game: Getting Honest Feedback

Win / Loss coachSpring training is over and now it is time for the season to begin. You go into the season feeling confident that you and your team have done everything you can to be ready. But surprises always happen. You win an unexpected game and lose against the worst team in the league. You face tough opponents with varying outcomes. The big question is “why?”

This doesn’t happen just on the baseball field. It happens every day in the sales field. Salespeople hear good and bad news all the time just like sports teams win and lose all the time.

While a coach may be asking, “Did we have the best pitcher for this game?” a sales manager may be asking, “Did our sales rep really understand what the prospect was looking for?” or “Were we really ready for that finals presentation?”

Understanding the real reasons a certain sales decision was made can be some of the best on-going sales training there is. And learning from both winning and losing situations give sales reps, teams, and managers the intel needed to prepare for the next competitive sales situation.

Win Loss research invites decision makers to give open and honest feedback about the sales engagement. It allows prospects to address many areas of the sales situation from what was most important, to the buyer’s mindset going into the sales process, to unvarnished feedback about the salesmanship demonstrated throughout the process. Sales reps and sales leaders can learn about the specific areas that need more work or training. Maybe it was the (lack of) product knowledge, maybe it was the pricing structure, or maybe even sluggish responsiveness.

When a Win Loss Analysis program is used on a routine basis, that is, when interviews are being conducted and analyzed week in and week out, sales leaders learn real-time. Corrections can be made, competitors can be better understood, and product positioning can be adjusted. In the moment sales training can happen within minutes, and on the flip side, successful sales reps can become examples of what’s winning and what’s working well in the field.

You can win more business with Win Loss Research. Understanding the outcome of the sales presentation and what went into the decision process can best prepare your sales team for the next big game. Win or lose, there’s always something to learn.